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The Basics of Making an Effective Marketing Plan

  Starting a business needs a lot of effort and perseverance,you have to make sure that you are using your money on the right way. To avoid hassle and financial problems here are some of the basic marketing tips to start with.   Study the Crowd Understanding your customer is the most important part of starting a business. It is where the idea should begin.  Gathering data from the customers would give you tips on how to be an effective salesman. With all the knowledge in hand, formulate your marketing plan from the collected information. This will aid you...

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Why Marketing to a Niche Online can be Profitable

  There is power in a monopoly. Being sole distributor of a certain product, service or to a certain group ensures a strong and solid base for any business. It’s no wonder why smaller businesses always either try to target larger groups when they want to expand, and smaller groups when wishing to entrench themselves within a certain market. The ebb and flow of online trends can give us an idea of how capricious online marketing can be, with its constantly shifting website visibility and user communities. One of the best ideas garnered from the chaos of online trend-setting...

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Making Smart Money by Marketing “Smart” Buildings

The following article appeared in Buildings magazine in January 1998 Tenants don’t just want plug-and-play computers. They want plug-and-play buildings. From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, building owners and managers are increasingly making smart money by marketing “smart” buildings. What’s a smart building? Depends on who you ask. It’s the latest version of the old mousetrap: “Build a smarter building, and tenants will beat a path to your door.” The trouble is, given current trends in buildings technologies, only one path is certain: The future is user-defined. Forget the cyberhype and the technobabble, but always remember the customer. Only...

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